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Grammy Nominated Touring Drummer/Drum Teacher

Noa Kahn

Noa Kahn started playing the piano at the age of 6, but 6 years later, she decided to pursue h...

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Kyle Griffith

I am a Seattle-based music composer for video games, a piano teacher, and a saxophone performe...

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Music Producer/Musician/Video Editor

Zarek Rubin

EZeke is a multi-talented sample-based Hip-Hop producer, arranger, songwriter, beatmaker, turn...

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Music Producer/Recording Engineer

Shawn Simmons

I am a music producer and recording engineer with over 25 years of experience. I am very exper...

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Saxophonist/Electronic Producer

Evan Fleming

Simba Sax is the moniker of DJ/producer and multi-instrumentalist Evan...

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Andre Avanessian

I am a freelance session musician, composer, and mixer/engineer who can provide feedback in a ...

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Jasmine Phillips (Jai Blue)

My name is Jasmine Phillips aka Jai Blue. I am a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, arrange...

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