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Daniel Aaron Ramirez

Described by the New York Times as “magically atmospheric” and a “vivid capsule of self-expres...

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Eric DiVito

New York guitarist and composer Eric DiVito has been leading his own groups and performing as ...

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Grammy Nominated Touring Drummer/Drum Teacher

Noa Kahn

Noa Kahn started playing the piano at the age of 6, but 6 years later, she decided to pursue h...

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Classical Guitarist

Michael Lucarelli

I am a Classical Guitarist/YouTube Creator and I have over 60 million views and 140,000 subscr...

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Kyle Griffith

I am a Seattle-based music composer for video games, a piano teacher, and a saxophone performe...

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Music Producer/Musician/Video Editor

Zarek Rubin

EZeke is a multi-talented sample-based Hip-Hop producer, arranger, songwriter, beatmaker, turn...

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Music Producer/Recording Engineer

Shawn Simmons

I am a music producer and recording engineer with over 25 years of experience. I am very exper...

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Music Producer/TV Composer/Audio Engineer/Songwriter

Tim Word

Also known as Sonny King in the music industry, Tim (he/him) is an Emmy-award-winning TV compo...

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Saxophonist/Electronic Producer

Evan Fleming

Simba Sax is the moniker of DJ/producer and multi-instrumentalist Evan...

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Award Winning Film Composer

Jonathan Bartz

Jonathan Bartz is an award winning multi-media composer living in Los Angeles. He has enjoyed ...

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Vocal Coach

Emily Wheeler

If you want to clean up your vocals, prepare for an audition or conquer "that tough part", I'm...

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Composer/Pianist/Music Producer

Petros Satrazanis

Petros Satrazanis is a music creator. He has taught Music, improvisation, and creative perform...

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Jazz Guitarist/Gypsy Jazz Guitarist

Yaakov Hoter

Hoter has collaborated with world‐renowned musicians such as Bireli Lagrene, Martin Taylor, an...

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Producer/Arranger/Guitarist/Musical Director

Billy Norris

I am a St. Petersburg, Florida-based musical director, multi-instrumentalist, composer, produc...

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Multi-Instrumentalist /Producer/Arranger/Composer

Kourtney Lowman

Kourtney Lowman is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music. During her time there, she m...

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