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Professional tutor/composer/mixer/producer/singer-songwriter - 15+ yrs experience

Edge Music


My name is Kevin Edge.

Classically trained on piano from the age of 7, I have...

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Music Producer, Mix Mastering, Vocalist

Yasin Torki

I am a singer, producer, composer, and mix and mastering engineer. I am interested and worked ...

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Music Producer, Songwriter, & Mixing/Mastering Engineer

Kofi Agyei

Kofi Owusu-Ofori is a founding member of Wiidope Music Production Group. Wiidope is a group of th...

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Very Experienced : Studio engineer/producer & drummer

Will Chapman

ā€¢ B.T.O./Randy Bachman/VH/D.O.A./Nazareth/Strange Advance/Yes/Long John Baldry ...the list of ...

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Chart-Topping Mix Engineer and Music Producer

Dan Zorn

Credits: š—¬š—²š—¹š—®š˜„š—¼š—¹š—³, š—•.š—¢.š—•., š—„š—¼š—°š—øš—¶š—² š—™š—暝—²š˜€š—µ, š—•š—¼š—暝—» š—¢š—³ š—¢š˜€š—¶š—暝—¶š˜€, š— š—¼š—»š˜š—®š—»š—® š—¼š—³ šŸÆšŸ¬šŸ¬, š— š—¶š—°š—ø š—š—²š—»š—øš—¶š—»š˜€, š—–-š—¦š—¶š—°š—ø ...

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Composer, Saxophonist, Pianist

Kyle Griffith

My name is Kyle Griffith and I am a Seattle-based music composer for video games, a piano teac...

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Multi-instrumentalist (Winds)/Producer/Arranger/Composer

Kourtney Lowman

Kourtney Lowman is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music. During her time there, she m...

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