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Quinn Tuff

Jam-Band Guitarist

Hello! My name is Quinn Tuff and I am a 22-year-old guitar player.

On Instagram (~20k...

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Clark Beckham

Vocal Performer / Songwriter / Music Nerd


Clark Beckham's musical journey began when he was 8 years old singing in a gospel trio alongsi...

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Mark Chosak

Composer / Producer / Guitarist

Recording, mixing and mastering feedback (2 sessions).


I have worked professionally as a composer, producer and guitarist for recording sessions and ...

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Jonny Wharton

Producer / Multi-Instrumentalist

Track Feedback


I have been working in music for nearly 20 years as a performer, composer, and producer. My in...

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Edge Music

Tutor / Composer / Producer / Singer Songwriter

Premium feedback with audio/video demo/explanation


Hi! I am a professional musician, composer and tutor with 20 years actual teaching/mentoring b...

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Emiliano Bonanomi

Session Guitarist / Educator / Music Tech. Consultant

I'm a professional guitarist, teacher, and music tech consultant base...

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Albert S

Composer / Producer / Pianist / Guitarist

Mixing Tips Video Mini-Series!


Hi, Albert here!

I'm a composer, producer, pianist, & guitar player based in St Alba...

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Sam Thomas

Cinematic Composer / Producer / Session Player

Track review and feedback


Composer, producer, and session player (guitars, drums, keyboards) working out of his own stud...

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Lucas Lee

Guitarist / Producer / Lyricist / Songwriter

Vocal/Guitar/Song Review


Hi there! My name is Lucas - welcome to my PIVODIO profile!

Music is my lifeb...

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Jason Foster

Musician / Content Creator / Entertainment Business

Music review and career coaching


How can I help? My professional work experience includes Ludacris, T-Pain, Jadakiss, U...

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Kierstyn St. John

Jazz / Pop Producer

Songwriting/Composition/Arranging Review and Feedback


Producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist of the jazz-pop duo, Zoetic, whose music has been st...

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Federico Tarquini

Pop / Rock Guitarist

Pop guitar review and feedback


Hi there! I'm Federico, from Argentina. I have been playing music for more than 25 years. Pop ...

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Eric DiVito


Guitar Review and Feedback


New York guitarist and composer Eric DiVito has been leading his own groups and performing as ...

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Matt Hogan

Guitarist / Producer / Educator

Looking forward to your questions!


My love for music started at a very young age, but that love took on a whole new dimension whe...

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Seth Nicholson

Multi-Instrumentalist / Vocalist / Bassist / Drummer

Music Reviews and Feedback


I've been creating and performing music for over 20 years. I started singing at 2 yrs old, beg...

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Andre Avanessian

Guitarist / Composer / Mixer / Producer

Specific aspects of Guitar playing.


I am a freelance session musician, composer, and mixer/engineer who can provide feedback in a ...

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Robert Phillips

Classical Guitarist

Career and professional self-management.


Since making his debut at a sold-out Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, Robert Phillips has ...

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Aaron Cloutier

Songwriter / Producer / Guitarist

Songwriting Critique And Feedback


Aaron Cloutier is a songwriter, producer, and music educator with over 15 years of experience ...

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