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Andrew Kremer

Composer / Producer / Bass Player / Educator

The Quickie


I am really excited about having the chance to help you develop your musical ideas, your mixes...

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Sam Thomas

Cinematic Composer / Producer / Session Player

Track review and feedback


Composer, producer, and session player (guitars, drums, keyboards) working out of his own stud...

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Lucas Lee

Guitarist / Producer / Lyricist / Songwriter

Vocal/Guitar/Song Review


Hi there! My name is Lucas - welcome to my PIVODIO profile!

Music is my lifeb...

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Jason Foster

Musician / Content Creator / Entertainment Business

Music review and career coaching


How can I help? My professional work experience includes Ludacris, T-Pain, Jadakiss, U...

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Seth Nicholson

Multi-Instrumentalist / Vocalist / Bassist / Drummer

Music Reviews and Feedback


I've been creating and performing music for over 20 years. I started singing at 2 yrs old, beg...

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Andre Avanessian

Guitarist / Composer / Mixer / Producer

Specific aspects of Guitar playing.


I am a freelance session musician, composer, and mixer/engineer who can provide feedback in a ...

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Charlie Cervone

Music Licensing / Publishing Director / Bassist

Sync Licensing Song Review (Ads, Film/TV, Trailer)


I am a sync licensing director for an industry-leading production music house. I worked in the...

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Ryan Blair

Bassist / Producer

Review and Feedback - 2 Responses


I've always believed that a single piece of music can change your life. Growing up as a fan of...

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Billy Norris

Producer / Arranger / Guitarist / Musical Director

Guitar Coaching


I am a St. Petersburg, Florida-based musical director, multi-instrumentalist, composer, produc...

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