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Concert Pianist/Recording Artist

Juan Pablo Horcasitas

One of the most versatile musicians of his generation, Juan Pablo Horcasitas, has been activel...

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Jonny Wharton

I have been working in music for nearly 20 years as a performer, composer, and producer. My in...

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Bradley Kohn

Bradley Kohn is an award-winning Music Producer, Songwriter, Engineer...

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Performing/Recording Artist

Joenne Dumitrascu

I am a classically-trained violinist and pianist and have studied music composition for visual...

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Composer Producer/Pianist

Emilio Merone

I am a versatile musician with a Master's Degree in Classical Piano and Diplomas in Jazz and m...

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Joshua Cossette

Hi everybody! My name is Joshua Cossette but you can call me Josh!

I'm a jazz pianist, c...

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Edge Music

Hi! I am a professional musician, composer and tutor with 20 years actual teaching/mentoring b...

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Music Composer/Producer

Fabio Parisella

Ciao! I'm a London-based music composer and producer.

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Albert S

Hi, Albert here!

I'm a composer, producer, pianist, & guitar player based in St Alba...

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Lucas Lee

Hi there! My name is Lucas - welcome to my PIVODIO profile!

Music is my lifeb...

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Musician/Content Creator/ Entertainment Business

Jason Foster

How can I help? My professional work experience includes Ludacris, T-Pain, Jadakiss, Usher, Ki...

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Music Producer/Composer/Pop Pianist

Chris Valera

Chris Valera is a music producer, composer, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from ...

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Classical Pianist/Conductor

Giacomo Franci

Maestro Pianist Giacomo Franci is the Artistic Director and the Conductor of The New York Cham...

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Jazz/Pop Producer

Kierstyn St. John

Producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist of the jazz-pop duo, Zoetic, whose music has been st...

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Music Producer/Mixing/ Mastering/Vocalist

Yasin Torki

I am a singer, producer, composer, and mix and mastering engineer. I am interested and worked ...

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UK No. 1 Songwriter/Producer

Alex Von Soos

Hi, I'm Alex Von Soos. I've been in the music business for many decades and love passing on wh...

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Multi-Instrumentalist | Flutist

Jaime Rivera

Free spirit professional musician. I love music to be a part of my daily life and an expressio...

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I've been a Drummer for over 20 years and have been playing live shows in bands sin...

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Daniel Aaron Ramirez

Described by the New York Times as “magically atmospheric” and a “vivid capsule of self-expres...

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Composer/Conductor/Sound Healing Artist

Derek Weagle

Musician/Educator/Wearer-of-Many-Hats, Derek J. Weagle (they/them) is a Brooklyn-based artist ...

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