Charisse Arrington

Top 10 Billboard Rec. Artist/ Songwriter

Charisse Arrington

Career Advice Consultation

Custom consultations designed to help and advise you on best methods and tools to use in effectively implementing and reaching your goals. Ask your specific question so I can rapidly assist you in becoming unstuck, moving you towards taking important next steps.

Custom Vocal Review & Feedback

NO reverb on on vocal audio if possible.

Targeted Review of Song Structure

Targeted advice to aid you in improving your song structure so you can make your songs their most engaging and meaningful. . If submitting song audio please be sure the recording is clear. Feel free to ask your specific question (i.e. melody, or lyricism, feel, mood, emotion etc).

Featured Works

Down With This - Charisse Video

Down With This - Charisse Video

Charisse Arrington - Wikipedia

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So thrilled to meet you in this creative space. I am Charisse Arrington, Top 10 Billboard Recording Artist, Custom Songs Creator, Motivational Speaker & Knowledge Entrepreneur. 



A gumbo of music artistry blended with that of a diverse music fan is my vibe. I've been fortunate to live and perform in various places around the world, experiencing some truly yummy music moments. As a young'n I began singing in talent shows that spanned from Chicago to Missouri. Graduating into adulthood, I cut my teeth working with buku bands, chasing plenty of free pavement. The urge to know if I could really "make it" led me to venture out on my own. So, on a wing and a prayer, dragging a suitcase filled with my hopes and dreams, a bus ticket and $12 in my pocket, I boarded a smelly Greyhound bus. Next stop, NYC! Once there, I wasted no time acquainting myself with the City That Never Sleeps. From flavors of R&B and Hip-Hop to Jazz and Pop, networking the NYC open mic scene and recording studios was my swag. My hustle was laser focused as I honed my craft singing lead and background vocals, writing, arranging, while learning production behind the mixing board. Burning all that midnight oil soon paid off. Vast opportunities began to radar me fast and within 2 years of living in NY, I vetted myself by singing, writing and co-producing a 4 song demo. This landed me a few music offers on the table. Major label MCA/Universal Records would be my choice to ink my 1st solo recording artist deal—releasing my 1st single in 1996.



Think of me as your expert secret weapon for knowing how to make it make sense and guide you through certain rough patches and pitfalls of music. I give you targeted advice and put my whole heart into consulting you on how to best express your unique music talents. My custom consultations speedily help you improve and interpret solid music ideas in the areas of your song structure, singing, songwriting, poetry/lyrics, production (i.e. feel, melody, mood, emotion, etc.); providing you a path to implement and elevate reaching more of your goals, advising you on best methods and tools to use for effectively making your artistry its most passionate, standout and engaging.



Simple. Helping to empower you win at living your best life –is truly how I win at living my best life. Ok let’s help you WIN!


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