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Zach Simao

Zach Simao

Drums + Production

The most important part of a song is the story. The second most is the groove. I make sure songs have both. My approach to production is unique because I have such a strong background in acoustic music and the drums themselves. Having spent time working in studios, I understand how balanced all the elements of a track need to be. I understand how sounds work and which go well together. I understand the full songwriting process from iPhone demo to mastered recording. That means that when I’m working on a song, I'm able to see all the pieces as well as the whole. I have no ego about doing what’s best for the song, and I love working with artists to figure that puzzle out. Those years of playing drums have also helped inform my production style for programming electronic music. I understand the ins and outs of groove, and I take the time to make sure that my productions retain that human element. As far as services, I offer: --Drum Programming, if you want someone very familiar with the instrument to add some to your track. This can range from very natural sounding drums to hard-hitting electronic drums. Whatever the song need. --Production, if you need help taking a song from a demo to the final product. I'm easy-going and care deeply about music but don't take myself too seriously. I like to keep sessions light and fun. Please reach out!


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