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Drummer, Multi-Instrumentalist & Producer here to help!

I've been playing the Drums for over twenty years, been playing Live Shows in Bands since I was 15, got a degree in Music Production, have Music Placements on TV Shows, and have been Teaching Music Production for over seven years... if you have general music questions, need tips or advice on your own music, need music recorded or produced, or simply love music and wanna share, come my way! I am sure I can help!


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Critical Listen

I'll do an eyes closed listen of your music to fully immerse myself in your art, then after I'll provide honest feedback at where improvements can be made. I tend to show people which aspects of their music can be massage to give more depth and detail to the musicality.

Live Feedback

I'll listen to your music and give feedback live as I listen for the first time, your gut is often right when it comes to music, so I'll simply listen and in real time share my thoughts and what my ears crave in your music

Specific Analysis

Upon suggestion I can listen for a few specific aspects of your music that you are unsure about or need guidance, I'll do light analysis of the parts in questions and give my honest constructive feedback.