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Bradley Kohn

Bradley Kohn is an award-winning Music Producer, Songwriter, Engineer...

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Grant Lalaian

Generating over 40 million Spotify Streams the stylistically diverse LaLion (born Grant Lalaia...

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Grammy Nominated Touring Drummer/Drum Teacher

Noa Kahn

Noa Kahn started playing the piano at the age of 6, but 6 years later, she decided to pursue h...

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Musician/Content Creator/ Entertainment Business

Jason Foster

How can I help? My professional work experience includes Ludacris, T-Pain, Jadakiss, Usher, Ki...

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Audio Engineer/Producer/Drummer

Will Chapman

• B.T.O./Randy Bachman/VH/D.O.A./Nazareth/Strange Advance/Yes/Long John Baldry ...the list of ...

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Ryan Redebaugh

Ryan Redebaugh wrote the score for the award-winning rebranding film campaign for the UK Scout...

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Gabo Morfín

I've been a producer, composer, mixer, and master engineer for over ten years. Don't l...

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Cinematic Composer/Producer/Session Player

Sam Thomas

Composer, producer, and session player (guitars, drums, keyboards) working out of his own stud...

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I've been a Drummer for over 20 years and have been playing live shows in bands sin...

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Music Producer/Musician/Video Editor

Zarek Rubin

EZeke is a multi-talented sample-based Hip-Hop producer, arranger, songwriter, beatmaker, turn...

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Seth Nicholson

I've been creating and performing music for over 20 years. I started singing at 2 yrs old, beg...

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Career Strategist

Steven Orkin

Steven Orkin is an 18-year veteran of the music business. Steven manages business and projects...

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Glenn Charles

Glenn is a UK based musician/drummer and composer working in the world of jazz, west end and c...

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Lucas Lee

Hi there! My name is Lucas - welcome to my PIVODIO profile!

Music is my lifeb...

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Jazz/Pop Producer

Kierstyn St. John

Producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist of the jazz-pop duo, Zoetic, whose music has been st...

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Music Producer/Mixing/ Mastering/Vocalist

Yasin Torki

I am a singer, producer, composer, and mix and mastering engineer. I am interested and worked ...

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Zach Simao

The most important part of a song is the story. The second most is the groove. I make sure son...

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Adam Grim

Adam B. Grim is a musician, teacher, and composer in Central Florida. He has won four differen...

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Spenser Harrison

My name is Spenser Harrison, and I am a singer, songwriter, producer, composer, and multi-inst...

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