Edge Music

Professional tutor/composer/mixer/producer/singer-songwriter - 15+ yrs experience


My name is Kevin Edge.

Classically trained on piano from the age of 7, I have centred my life on the study and creation of music in many different forms: piano, guitar and clarinet, playing in bands, performing solo, songwriting, composition and production for TV and film/trailer music (including hybrid cinematic/orchestral), electronic music of all kinds, mixing and mastering, along with teaching, offering guidance and mentoring across all of these areas both privately and in college settings, including lecturing at the JMC Academy (like SAE) in Melbourne Australia.

I am an experienced tutor with over 15 years actual teaching behind me. Teaching is a deep passion for me, not just a "sideline" job, to "top-up" my other work.


  • #melody
  • #counterpoint
  • #string
  • arranging
  • #compression
  • #effects
  • #layering
  • #arranging
  • #eq
  • #harmony
  • #improvisation


  • English
  • Spanish; castilian