Glenn Charles


Glenn Charles

Video FeedBack on Drum Kit Performance and Development

  • Consultations regarding performance practice.
  • We can discuss short term, mid term and long term goals.
  • Technique - Touch and Fluidity.
  • Incorporating subconscious practice into a practice schedule.
  • Melodic Development
  • Soloing Contexts
  • Transcription Analysis
  • Studio Session Development
  • Reading - West End, Big Band, Lead Sheet Interpretation, Original Music Part Development.
  • Stick Control
  • Stylistic Development - Jazz idioms, Latin idioms, Groove based music, Fusion.
  • Equipment Setup
  • Preparing for an Audition/Exam
  • Rehearsal Analysis


Regarding drum consultation:

  • a camera angle showing hands/feet for performance consultation.
  • recording (quiet background) or MIDI file.
  • Any required sheet music sent over in pdf format plus an audio file if required.

Video and /or Written Feedback on Composition. Analysis and Mentorship. How to use Creativity and Subconscious Practice to Your Advantage

  • Consultation regarding compositional score review for various ensemble contexts: Jazz, Contemporary Ensembles, Latin, Pop.
  • Melodic shape and structure development.
  • Parts and orchestration analysis
  • How to use creativity, subconscious creativity and subconscious practice to your advantage.
  • How to be productive - setting goals and getting results.

Regarding compositional consultations.

  • Digital score - I run sibelius version 7.5 - a pdf plus digital mp3 also works.


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Glenn is a UK based musician/drummer and composer working in the world of jazz, west end and contemporary studio settings. Glenn was awarded a scholarship to study jazz performance at the Elder Conservatorium, Adelaide, Australia. Since completing his degree and returning to the UK he has continued study under the mentorship of Peter Erskine, setting up foundations as a freelance drummer, composer, and educator. 

Glenn has toured, performed, and recorded with West End Musicals such as Bat out of Hell UK 2021/22 (dep) and Jersey Boys (dep). And artists and musicians such as Andee-Louise Hypolite, Bogdan Kominowski, Beatrix Lovejoy Chappe, Michael Reed, Mike Dixon, John Aue, Julian Ferraretto, Luke Stevenson, IPlayBass, and many more.

Glenn composes for various musical contexts revolving around jazz and contemporary idioms. Currently, he leads and composes for, ORIGIN, a contemporary jazz project based in London that captures influences from Chick Corea, Brad Melhdau, Peter Erskine, Brian Blade and Voyager.

As an educator, Glenn teaches the methodologies of Podemski, Gary Chaffee, Maria Martinez and Ted Reed. Glenn teaches in a variety of areas that are not only expected of those wishing to thrive in a session world but that are also essential in developing musical versatility, creative understanding, stylistic authenticity, and improvisational freedom.


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