Grant Lalaian


Grant Lalaian

Marketing Advice

Ask me a question about how to market your music and I will answer based on my experience

Vocal/Song Review

Send me a song or a demo and I will give you my suggestions on how the vocals sound, song writing, and how the mix can be improved.

Help Complete A Song

Have an idea for a song and would like my input/advice? I can offer suggestions and ideas on how to complete the song and where to take it.

The 3 feedback requests may roughly follow the order of:

1) discuss your initial concept and provide additional materials or questions for consideration.

2) initial feedback on in-progress material, based either on current questions or in relations to my first feedback.

3) final feedback on a complete (or close-to-completion) product based on the degree to which it realizes your initial idea.

Featured Works


Generating over 40 million Spotify Streams the stylistically diverse LaLion (born Grant Lalaian) has released over 250 songs and 9 mixtapes. LaLion has performed at a number of shows and festivals along side R.A. the Rugged Man, Skyzoo, D Savage, and many more. He has been placed in over 10 Spotify editorial playlists and is currently sitting at 320k monthly listeners. LaLion mixes, masters, produces, and writes all his songs.


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