Will Chapman

Audio Engineer/Producer/Drummer

Will Chapman

Feedback • on your drumming style, technic & equipment

I will listen to you play your kit (live or video) and give you my instant feedback on what I think and feel, and make suggestions on what you might want to change, or do to get your playing to the next level.

I can work from a prerecorded video you send, or watching you play on a live camera feed, if you're set up in a good sounding environment

Do you have what it takes to go 'Pro'?

Tell me about your experience and your goals. I have massive amounts of knowledge, expertise & information about how to take your music to the next level. Where it's a general approach, attitude, some required skills, tips for live performance, recording, touring or broadcast work - I can help. This is offered as a Live Video Visit

Feedback on Recording/Engineering/Producing/Mixing

Available to ask your specific questions about recording, engineering and all the little details of recording, or even about building a studio, etc.

Or ....I will listen carefully to your recording (one track) and give you feedback on your studio engineering, producing and mixing - giving you my honest, clear, constructive feedback.

I would like to receive a high quality recording of the track in advance - (ideally a WAV, AIFF or 320 Kbs mp3) Once I listen, we can do a live/video visit to discuss your offering.

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• B.T.O./Randy Bachman/VH/D.O.A./Nazareth/Strange Advance/Yes/Long John Baldry ...the list of people I've worked with is long and diverse.... I have spent decades working as a full time professional in the music industry, in many different capacities, with some very well respected names within the industry.

• recorded and toured with major league acts (including 1 yr on tour with VanHalen)

• I have performed live on tour to well over a million people

• Drums, synthesis, studio production, live television, music videos, plus all types of 'tech'...

• from Punk to Ambient - Rock to Electronica - Live to Studio sessions, I've done it all...

• I'm available to give you detailed feedback and share my insights from experience working at the top tier of this amazing industry.

(check out my c.v. here on PIVODIO for all the details of my extensive experience)


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