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Yaakov Hoter

Yaakov Hoter

Jazz Guitarist/Gypsy Jazz Guitarist

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Hoter has collaborated with world‐renowned musicians such as Bireli Lagrene, Martin Taylor, and others. He has performed in major international festivals in Israel and abroad, including the Jazz festivals in Eilat and Tel Aviv and the great Khamoro Gypsy music festival in Prague. He has three albums to his name and has participated in many other albums. Hoter has a signature guitar model trusted by countless guitarists around the world, and he regularly holds international guitar workshops in Italy.

Hoter has hundreds of thousands of students and followers worldwide and is a composer and singer-songwriter. A Jazz and Gypsy Jazz Guitarist, an entrepreneur in online music education, and the founder of Founder of the Swing de Gitanes band, which is listened to by millions on Spotify,

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