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Ben Zucker

Ben Zucker

Experimental Composer/Performer

Creative consultation

Got a composition, performance, or production project you want another pair of ears and eyes on? I'd love to help!

Please indicate any particular technical aspects (form, harmony, mixing, sound variety) you want specific advice on, or if you want wider commentary on these aspects as a whole (keep in mind that vague questions may not get you the answer you want).

Send appropriate documentation in order for me to get the fullest possible picture of your goals and intentions: video, audio, scores if applicable, etc.

Inspiration to completion

This form of feedback allows us to have more of a back-and-forth about an idea you might have, in which I can offer initial ideas for how to proceed, and touch base with you on the development of your project.

The 3 feedback requests may roughly follow the order of:

1) discuss your initial concept and provide additional materials or questions for consideration.

2) initial feedback on sketches or in-progress material, based either on current questions or in relations to my first feedback.

3) final feedback on a complete (or close-to-completion) product based on the degree to which it realizes your initial idea.

I'm a musician working with an ever-changing array of genres, instruments, and practices, currently based in Chicago. Coming from a background in jazz and sound design, I try to discover how people, places, and technologies can have unique musical interactions, working as an active freelancer and cultural organizer who believes in the power and importance of seeking the unusual.

My influences and collaborators range from free improvisation to sound art to choral music to contemporary classical composition. I've released multiple albums, and had my work featured at DOCNYC, the Darmstadt Fereinkurse (Germany), Steppenwolf Theater (Chicago), Trinity College Dublin, Nordic Percussion Festival, Ostrava New Music Days (Czech Republic), and the Banff Centre (Canada). I recently completed a PhD in Music Composition & Technology at Northwestern University's Bienen School of Music.

I believe in music's capacity for extending our ways of thinking about ourselves and the world, and in my feedback seek to help artists think broadly about what they can do with their unique skills and resources!

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