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Jonathan Gorst

Jonathan Gorst

Broadway Conductor/ Keyboardist

Vocal Auditioning for Music Theater

Please send audition materials as you would to a casting agent in the video for feedback. If you have specific questions, please add them at the beginning of your video.

Conducting Music Theater and Light Classical

Please reference the song, show, work and movement with measure numbers, if applicable. I am happy to answer questions about preparation and provide feedback on technique and style.

I have 25 years of experience conducting Broadway Musicals and on National Tours. My training is based in Classical Piano, and I have extensive experience in coaching Opera. I can provide meaningful advice on multiple subjects in the performing arts- ranging from audition preparation to touring advice. I have owned private businesses and feel that a performing arts career should be operated like a business for yourself. Using my experience, I hope to help you find ways to unlock your full potential and enjoy a successful career in music.

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