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Bradley Kohn

Bradley Kohn


Professional Production Review

I will critique and provide feedback on:

  1. Song structures, arrangements, lyrics and composition
  2. Performances both musical and vocal
  3. Music Business strategy.

If you have other things you'd like feedback on, feel free to ask.

Bradley Kohn is an award-winning Music Producer, Songwriter, Engineer and Multi-instrumentalist.


He is a published poet and writer, voting Grammy Member (P&E wing Los Angeles), stuntman, extreme sports athlete, British martial arts medallist and long-time meditator. 

Originally from London, England, Bradley grew to prominence in the UK and US music industries as a record producer and music creative; shaping culture through creative services, strategic advisory, branding and events.  In these capacities he worked with artists such as Foo Fighters, Neil Young, Black Keys, Adam Ant, Pendulum and companies such as EMI, Playboy, Novation, Discovery, Global Citizen, LVMH.

He was one of the co-producers for the 2012 Global Citizen Festival in NYC which raised over $1.3B+ in new commitments to benefit the extreme poor.

Featured work

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