Eric McLellan


Eric McLellan

Music Review: A&R Feedback

I will provide written feedback on one song of your choice.


My lifelong passion for music has manifested in my current role as Founder of an A&R consultant and artist manager firm called -

'Yo Peep This' affording me a great opportunity to work with and for music artists. I gained the bulk of my experience during my time at Sire Records, Warner Bros Records , and ADA Distribution as Director, A&R and label GM/Label manager. I would describe myself as a creative strategist at heart who has grown with the ever changing landscape of the music business taking on various roles at labels from Creative Services (advertising and video production) to A&R, to distribution, over the course of a 15+ year career in New York City. My specialties include A&R, Artist Management, tech, video production, branding, and strategic marketing. Former Label GM for icons + giants (Warner/ADA). Currently A&R at Ninetone Group a Swedish label with distribution inside of InGrooves. Overseeing US A&R.


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