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Zarek Rubin

Zarek Rubin

Music Producer, Musician, Video Editor

EZeke is a multi-talented sample-based Hip-Hop producer, arranger, songwriter, beatmaker, turntablist, and video editor. He has been in the industry for over a decade and has gained a reputation for his unique style and sound. EZeke is known for using sample-based production and his love for sampling from vinyl, blogs, and YouTube. EZeke has a background in hardware synthesis and is also a skilled musician, playing both guitar and piano. He incorporates his musical abilities into his production work, adding a live element to his beats and arrangements. EZeke's love for sampling vinyl records gives his music a distinctly vintage feel. At the same time, his use of modern technology and software allows him to push the boundaries of traditional hip-hop production. EZeke has played in numerous jam sessions and has developed a reputation as a skilled and versatile performer. In addition to his production and performance skills, EZeke is a talented video editor. He often matches visual media that fits his and the artist's discography, adding an extra layer of creativity to his work. Overall, EZeke is a highly talented and versatile artist who continues to push the boundaries of hip-hop production. His unique style, sound, and ability to blend vintage and modern elements in his music set him apart from other producers. With over a decade of experience and a deep understanding of the craft, EZeke is a force to be reckoned with in the Hip-Hop scene.


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Song and/or Performance Feedback (Beta Stage Discount)

Send a lossless file (.wav) or .mp3 of a finished mix pre-mastered or mastered recording. If your song is streaming, send a link or a private link to the track. If you're in the songwriting/performance stage, send a video of a performance on your instrument or a live performance with multiple musicians. Turnaround time: up to 24 hours

Music Analysis and Production Feedback

Please provide a lossless file (.wav) or .mp3 of a rough mix or a mastered song so I can analyze the song structure, sound quality, and creative production techniques and give tips if necessary. If you only have song ideas (riffs, chord progressions, beats, sample chops, loops, etc.), send a .mp3 of the rough music idea or perform it in a video or a screenshot video. Turnaround time: up to 24 hours