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Fabio Parisella

Specific Feedback

Ask me to review one (only one) aspect of your song (vocal, arrangement, mixing, mastering, composition) and I'll go deep and suggest how to improve that specific part of your production.

For instance, your request might be: "I'd like to have a review of the mix of my song, here's the full mix, the stems and the backing track/vocals separated"

and my answer would be:

"Here are five things I would do if I would mix your song:

1 - Put a xxxxxxxxxx plugin on the bass drum and boost it around xxxxx or xxxxxx. That will improve the punch.

2 - Cut the pad on xxxxxxxx. Put a xxxxxx reverb on it and balance it at xxxxxxxx.

3 - A little trick for the vocals: put a xxxxxx plugin in send then ut the output of such plugin into and xxxxx plugin and connect the second one in xxxxxxxxx with the kick. Use this setting: xxxxxxxxxx. That's an old trick-of-the-trade.

4 - Cut the guitars at xxxxxxx and boost them at xxxxxxxx. That will improve the sound dramatically.

5 - Bass: use a xxxxxx in insert and use the following setup: xxxxxx and xxxxx and xxxxx. Equalise it, boosting the xxxxxx and cutting the xxxxxxx. I'd might try to do xxxxxxxx to improve presence.

Finally, I'd put on the master a xxxxxx plugin with the following settings: xxxxxxxxx. Be careful not too push too much on the xxxxxx. After that, use the following plugins, in order: xxxxx, then xxxxxx and xxxxxx. Make sure the output stays at xxxxxxx."

General feedback

Send me your song or composition and I will give you general feedback with suggestion on how to improve it.

For instance, on a song containing vocals and a full band accompaniment, that would be an example of general feedback: "The song is very well balanced. I love the way your vocals sit in the mix and how the instruments are sustaining it. I can hear an unnatural use of the reverb, tho, and in some points (1:34, 1:50 and 2:47) the vocal requires better tracking because the lyrics become difficult to understand. Composition-wise, I think it's all fine. As a personal note, I would have used the 6th degree (F#m) as the first chord of the chorus, just to push it on an emotional level and, maybe, used the tonic as a final note at 1:40 instead of the 3rd. Maybe, you should also try to give less presence to the electric guitar in the second verse and push the pad a bit more, I think it's quite distracting. Finally, as a mastering tip, I would reduce the stereo image: I feel you pushed too much on the widener. The song sounds quite open, but maybe, there can be a bit more punch in the centre. Less side, more mid, I would say."

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Ciao! I'm a London-based music composer and producer.


Throughout my career, I have composed music for various projects, including short films, documentaries, animated series, theatre shows, and VR applications. I have also been involved in the production of over 200 music albums, working with a variety of artists and genres. My experience in music production has given me a deep understanding of the creative process, which allows me to contribute to every aspect of a project, from concept to delivery.

Let me help you with your project. Ask me anything, and I will answer, teaching you how to improve your music using the tricks of the trade I've learned in my career.

Contact me today, and start making better music.


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