Jim Lutz

Jazz/Funk/Blues/Pop Trombonist

Jim Lutz

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Send me a demo, sketch, chord progression, melody, or some other kind of musical idea, and I will give you some thoughtful suggestions to make it better!

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Jim Lutz is an NYC musician specializing in trombone, bass guitars, and keyboards. He composes and produces music for clients around the world and for his YouTube channel, Twitch Livestream, Patreon page, and other outlets. Current work includes Beetlejuice 1st National Tour, Beginnings Chicago Tribute Band, and Brian Kirk & the Jirks. His credits include Cirque du Soleil, Disney, and the TONY® and EMMY® award-winning production "Blast!" 

Jim earned a master's degree in jazz studies at the University of Southern California while serving as a teaching assistant. He also earned a bachelor's degree in music education from Central Michigan University.


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