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Spenser Harrison

Spenser Harrison


Feedback for Songwriting, Production, Guitar, Bass, Drums, or Voice

Please send a video/audio file and let me know what you would like feedback on specifically. While my area of expertise is in alternative/experimental rock, I can happily give feedback on other genres as well. For vocalists, I can give feedback on clean/sung vocals as well as harsh vocal styles, both are welcome!

My name is Spenser Harrison, and I am a singer, songwriter, producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. I am a Berklee College of Music alum with 10+ years of experience in production and songwriting, specializing in alternative/experimental rock and pop. My primary instruments are electric guitar and electric bass (10 years of experience.) I am also a vocalist (8 years experience) and have ten years of experience with drums/drum machines. I have volunteered as a mentor for Berklee Online on two separate occasions and also volunteered as a teaching assistant for one of Berklee's music theory courses on edX. All of my experience with Berklee has given me the tools I need to provide precise, quality feedback on the fields mentioned above.

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