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Kierstyn St. John

Kierstyn St. John

Jazz pop producer

Producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist of jazz pop duo Zoetic who’s music has been streamed 300,000+ times and has over 12,000 followers on social platforms. Has played piano for 24 years, drums for 22, and guitar for 16; can play in any style from jazz to contemporary to classical. Has a degree in Music Composition from Arizona State. Produced all of Zoetic’s songs in Logic Pro X. Has played hundreds of gigs/shows and does music full time.


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Production/Recording Review and Feedback

I will listen to your song and provide detailed feedback on how it could sound better from a recording/production standpoint. What instruments may need to be added, where I'm hearing potential swells or dynamic changes, comments on plugins. This is not feedback on the songwriting; that is a separate offer. This is feedback specifically on the production/recording/sound of the song and maybe a little bit on the mix. For this specific offering, please only send me songs that are recorded into a DAW (they can be works in progress). Don't send acoustic videos of you just playing the song on piano or guitar.

Songwriting/Composition/Arranging Review and Feedback

I will listen to your song and provide detailed feedback on how it could improve as an actual song. This includes feedback on song structure, chord progressions, arranging, lyrics, melody, prosody, ect. For this offering, you can either send me a fully recorded track, a track in progress, or even just an acoustic video of you playing the song on an instrument. I can critique both songs with vocals as well as instrumental pieces. This does not include production, recording, or mixing feedback.

Piano/Guitar/Drums Performance Review and Feedback

Send me a video or audio file of you performing something on piano (keys), guitar, or drums and I will give constructive feedback on the performance. I will also give some suggestions on how you could expand your knowledge on the instrument and what you could learn next, as well as resources to help you improve quickly. The song/piece you play can either be an original song or a cover, and it can be in literally any style (classical, jazz, pop, rock, metal, anime, ect.). If it's an original song, I won't give feedback on the songwriting itself-- just your performance of it. If you'd like feedback on the songwriting, I have a separate offering for that.