Chris Child

Electronic Music Composer/Producer

Chris Child

Electronic Music Production Feedback

My intention for feedback is to refine and clarify producers creative choices while also providing them with a clear path for where they need to spend their time focusing. These areas could include composition, creative sampling, synthesis, skillful arrangement in a DAW, creative sound design, beat making, effects design, mixing, and the familiarization of emerging music production trends. My teaching style reflects my professional experience as a composer and artist which emphasizes technique, workflow, and developing ones inner ear.

Please send a high quality MP3 mix of the track you'd like feedback on, along with what specifically you're looking for feedback on. This could be the arrangement, mix, beats, sound design, production, synth work, etc.


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Child is an Emmy award-winning TV composer and has contributed music for a handful of games developed by Harmonix. Kodomo’s releases include Three Spheres, A World Rarely Seen, Divider, Patterns & Light, Frozen in Motion, and Still Life. Kodomo is the moniker for electronic music producer and composer Chris Child. Kodomo’s work spans several genera and can be cinematic, beat-driven, and dreamlike, with roots in IDM, minimalism, techno, and various forms of ambient music.

Three Spheres, his most recent full-length album, emerged from the pandemic of 2020. A World Rarely Seen was released on Synthesthesia Records in December 2020, convening musicians from dozens of countries around a shared artistic goal to provide insight into the often unseen activities going on in our oceans. In 2018, Child and Puremagnetik owner Micah Frank founded the artist-run record label Foil Imprints, focusing on forward-thinking and inspired electronic music, embracing a colorful array of genera.


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