Kourtney Lowman

Multi-Instrumentalist /Producer/Arranger/Composer

Kourtney Lowman

Composition/Production Feedback + Follow-Up

If you have questions about your latest project, I can provide feed back plus a follow-up. I'm here to answer any questions about mixing, chords, music theory, anything goes!

Winds Feedback + Follow-Up

Have any questions about your flute (or oboe) playing? I'm happy to provide feedback plus a follow-up on your playing. The same offer applies to doubling on piccolo, alto flute, english horn, tin whistle, recorder, and EWI.

Winds Feedback

If you need a quick answer about your playing, I'm happy to help whether it's for flute, piccolo, oboe, english horn, alto flute, tin whistle, recorder, and EWI.

Featured Works


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Cooling Endeavors.wav


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Kourtney Lowman is a recent graduate of Berklee College of Music. During her time there, she majored in Flute Jazz Performance while minoring in Electronic Performance. She also picked up a few instruments along the way including Oboe, Tin Whistle, Recorder, Xiao, Dizi, Shakuhachi, EDI, EWI, and became a studio musician temporarily at her school. She specializes in genres such as Brazilian, Swing, Latin Jazz, Klezmer, Classical, Contemporary, EDM, House, and Liquid Drums and Bass.


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