Lisbelkis Rausenberger


Lisbelkis Rausenberger

Song Review and Feedback (Songwriting)

The song review session focuses suggestions in regards to lyrics, hook, chord progression, melody, song form, length and instrumentation. Rates will increase after Beta testing is complete.

Vocals Review and Feedback

The vocals session focuses on aspects of singing such as placement of vowels, phrasing, rhythmic accuracy, breath control, harmonization (if applicable), expressive singing and stage presence. Rates will increase after Beta testing is complete.

Keyboard Review and Feedback

The keyboard session focuses on aspects of playing such as hand and finger positioning, dexterity, knowledge of scales, keys, arpeggios and chord, phrasing, rhythmic accuracy, improvisation, expressive playing and stage presence. Rates will increase after Beta testing is complete.

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Lisbelkis Rausenberger (Lis), a singer and teacher from New Jersey, has immersed herself in many musical avenues. Lis teaches Grades 1-8 General Music and is a keys and vocals instructor at the School of Rock in Hoboken. Her keys and vocal background consist of over ten years of experience. She is a recent graduate of Montclair State University, where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Music, and is on track to receive her Master's Degree in Music Education at Adams State University.

Lis has always had a passion for music and imparting that passion to others. In addition to teaching, Lis continues to pursue opportunities to make music with others through choral singing, performing in operatic and musical theater productions, and playing in orchestral/pits for productions. Instagram: @lisrausenberger Soundcloud: Youtube:


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