Petros Satrazanis

Composer/Pianist/Music Producer

Petros Satrazanis

Personal feedback/tips and ways to improve your skills.

Every artist uses a personal language to express their creative ideas.

I' am here to provide specialised and expert feedback so that the idea can grow, develop and become a project ready to compete in the international market.

Feel free to send me audio samples of your work, videos of yourself performing and any kind of recorded artistic performance of yours.

Feedback on matters of orchestration, arrangement and production , piano performance and improvisational music.

I also provide expert analysis of each new musical project of electronic music, or piano improvisation by giving full feedback on the philosophy and spirit on which you want to move and develop your creative originality.

Feedback on artistic creation matters/ Psychology of artists/ Music Business

Send me your audio/video recorded questions and concerns about artistic creation, the ''psychology of the artist'' and your personal strategy in the difficult and competitive field of Music.

It is commonly accepted that all Art movements seem to be at an expressive end, facing a situation that all is said and done.

My long experience in Philosophy and historical analysis of Art will help you to reach a personal creative path.

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Petros Satrazanis is a music creator. He has taught Music, improvisation, and creative performance in the U.K and has presented his work at festivals and concerts all over Europe. His work, deeply influenced by the specific style and great tradition of his native country, is strongly inspired by the diversity of the world music scene. At the same time staying in constant spiritual search, he is a candidate for a doctorate in Philosophy, with his main field of interest being the artistic proposal of our era.


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