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Ryan Redebaugh

Ryan Redebaugh


Personal Creative Feedback from Ryan

Receive personal feedback from Ryan on anything pertaining to scoring music for film/tv, games and commercial media, songwriting and production, electronic music, working with clients, building your business and creative approaches. Feedback can also be geared towards having another pair of ears to receive feedback from on your song/score/mix/performance etc. along with any insight into piano/guitar technique and mix/creative production. Insight received can be as specific or general as you prefer, constructive, honest and personable. Please be specific as to type of feedback desired per request, keep audio/video submissions clear/concise and easy to see/hear. Looking forward to meeting you and providing helpful insight!

Ryan Redebaugh wrote the score for the award-winning rebranding film campaign for the UK Scout Association “Skills for Life” (preparing both young boys and girls with the skills they need to succeed in life). He also scored the award-winning feature documentary “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” featuring thought-provoking leaders, including author and minister Michael Beckwith and psychologist Dan Seigel.

He has scored numerous independent narrative films that have won awards in the festival circuit ranging from heartfelt dramas, including “Then” (Millennia Pictures), to intense thrillers like “Nights of Being Loose” (Dir. Nickolay Shchetinkin). Ryan’s music has been licensed for television and can be heard airing in over 30 series, including Discovery’s “Shark Week,” Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” as well as various programming for HBO, History Channel, Biography, MTV, and Netflix.

In addition to being a composer, Redebaugh is an experienced singer-songwriter and record producer with three original LP credits to his name in the pop/rock genre. He is currently working on a feature documentary with a university about domestic violence. He has studied at Columbia College Chicago’s graduate MFA program in Scoring for the Screen (recently ranked as the third-best scoring program worldwide by the Hollywood Reporter). Before attending Columbia, he received his BFA in Drama at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. He brings to his work an enthusiasm for music, storytelling, creativity, and collaboration.

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