Shawn Simmons

Music Producer/Recording Engineer

Shawn Simmons

Song Review

I can provide detailed feedback on your song. I can help improve your melody, lyrics, arrangement, transitions, and make production suggestions. I can also provide detailed feedback on how to make the best recording of your song. Please provide me with a decent recording of your song, whether just audio or a video with audio. You can also include any notes or information about your song (genre, style, inspiration, the meaning behind the lyrics, etc).

Vocal Performance Review

I can give detailed notes on your vocal performance in 1 song. If you are struggling to put the finishing touches on your lyrics or melody, I can help. Please provide a decent audio recording or video with audio of your song.

Featured Works


I am a music producer and recording engineer with over 25 years of experience. I am very experienced in full album productions for bands and solo artists. I have played guitar since I was 11 and can play bass and sing harmonies. I like to really dive into a song and work on every aspect of the arrangement, melodies, harmonies, lyrics, and rhythm. I can offer very good feedback for your original compositions. And I can make suggestions on recording styles, techniques, and production concepts that will help your songs really jump out of the speakers.


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