Evan Fleming

Saxophonist/Electronic Producer

Evan Fleming

Audio Quality & Artistic Direction

Send over demos, melody ideas, chord progressions, beats, recordings, etc. I will thoroughly listen and respond with thoughtful and productive feedback regarding the audio quality and artistic choices

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Simba Sax is the moniker of DJ/producer and multi-instrumentalist Evan Fleming. Based out of Salt Lake City, UT, his sonic styling is inspired by the emerging sounds of transformational festival culture and the auditory aesthetics of iconic international destinations popularized by its devotees.

Exotic and electronic, the music of Simba Sax is a mosaic of sexy, sophisticated compositions characterized by predominately progressive House rhythms peppered with elements of Jazz, Funk, Disco, and World Bass. Versatile yet consistent, every live set from Simba Sax is a living prayer to the dance floor and those who make it a vibe.


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