Steven Orkin

Career Strategist

Steven Orkin

Career Advice and Strategy

As an artist manager with 10 years of corporate/ad agency marketing experience, my approach is to understand your goals/objectives. If you can talk me through where you want to go artistically and what you are doing, I can provide business perspectives that might help you focus. In a sense, you're getting some time with an ad agency/artist manager to help you with direction.


Steven Orkin is an 18-year veteran of the music business. Steven manages business and projects for artists Steve Smith (Journey/Vital Information), Dave Weckl (Chick Corea/Solo), Mike Stern (Miles Davis/Solo), and more.

A former ad agency executive, Steven's focus is on strategy. Understanding what the client wants is job #1. Then, it's a matter of planning a path to those goals.

In addition to client and project management, Steven is the owner/founder of Drum Fantasy Camp. DFC is one of the world's most esteemed drumming experiences. Attendees come from more than 15 countries each year. Instructors are among the world's most iconic drummers.


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