YCONN (James Grover)


YCONN (James Grover)

Quick Catalog Review (up to 10 songs)

I will use my A&R skills (plus 10 yrs of skills as a producer, writer and mix/mastering engineer) to listen to multiple of your songs and give you 1 sentence of feedback on each one, so you can know which are the best songs to focus on going forward.

This is the same as my demo review except tailored for people who have many songs and don't know which their best ones are. Please read my other offer so you know what to expect in terms of opinions.

I will spend 15 minutes listening (usually to the first 60-90 secs of each song), and give at least 1 sentence with my opinion.

You may send up to 10 songs, and of course may buy this offer multiple times if you have more than 10 songs to listen to.

If you send less than 10 songs, I will use any remaining time to expand on feedback in the way that I think will be most useful to you.

Detailed Demo Review (1 song)

I will use my A&R skills (plus 10 yrs of skills as a producer, writer and mix/mastering engineer) to give you some deep and useful feedback on your song in terms of it's commercial viability and how to improve songwriting/producing/mix (in terms of commercial viability / hit potential).

Mainly I can tell you if they're ready to send to A&R people and other music industry people, and if not, why not. (Note that you shouldn't send music to industry people until it's of a high enough quality to get accepted, otherwise you're making yourself look bad and they might ignore your future emails).

If you're NOT trying to make a hit song then you don't need this, but if you ARE trying to make a hit song then I can help you make it as good as it can be.

Send me the full version of the song (whatever your most complete version is), plus optionally send the lyrics if they're not clear. It's ok if it's a very rough demo or a nearly finished mix, I can give feedback on anything. Please tell me if there are specific elements you want critique on (eg just the mix or just the lyrics etc)

Please note that if your song is already mixed and mastered then you can't easily act on my feedback, so it's better to send things that aren't 100% finished if you actually want to take my feedback on board.

I will spent 10 minutes listening on repeat to the full song while typing my notes. Then allowing 5 extra minutes if you have a follow up question.

General Advice (Songwriting/Production/Mixing/MusicIndustry)

I'll spend 10 minutes giving you as much advice as possible in the time available, on any question(s) you want to ask relating to any of my areas of expertise.

All you need to do here is ask a question (or multiple)... if you want a review of your actual music, please select one of the other options instead.

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Credits: David Guetta, Galantis, LUM!X, PS1, JØRD, Far Out, +

500mil streams as a Vocal Producer and 25mil+ streams on his own cowrites.

He is also an A&R consultant for a major label and 3 independent publishers.

Based in London, UK


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